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Iphone Operating System


Learn IOS Programming From Scratch - Basics

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About This Course

Course Description

The course provide an introduction to IOS Programming and allows someone with a basic knowledge of programming to start creating IOS Applications. It is a light course to cover essentials of IOS. It will teach you the IOS programming Exemplar and how to think while creating an IOS program.

The course is divided into 6 units covering each of the above topics. You will start with basic installation process and will move on to the first IOS example which will outline the structure of IOS Programs. You will then learn about the activities which forms the heart of IOS application. Once you are clear with Activities and activity maturation you are ready to create small intrinsic applications of your own.The next unit will be about services which allows you to perform tasks in the background while UI activity is active on the screen. This unit will provide you enough examples to clarify your concepts for services. We will then move towards multimedia involving Audio and Video Playback. You will work on examples involving both of them. We conclude our course with a discussion on submitting your apps to IOS. It will be a fun learning course that is sure to help you get going with IOS programming

What are the requirements?

  • Get a Mac
  • Register an Apple Developer Account
  • Install Xcode
  • Enroll in iOS Developer Program (Optional)

What am I going to get from this course?

  • By the end of the course you will be competent to create IOS applications based on your ideas
  • Able to choose the best layout for your apps
  • Learn the concept behind IOS constructs
  • Design your IOS app properly

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone with basic knowledge of IOS or any other programming language.
  • Apple's Swift language guide
  • iOS Goodies
  • World Wide Developer Conference Videos(WWDC)
  • NSHipster
  • Ray Wenderlich
  • iOS Programming Subreddit
  • Apple’s Swift Blog
  • AppCoda
  • NSHipster
  • iOSDevWeekly and NatashaTheRobot
  • NSScreencast
  • Stack Overflow
  • GitHub
  • Netguru blog!
  • KIF testing
  • UIKit Dynamics
  • Swift 3 Basics
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